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He just got paid 15 mil/yr and he’s on the Suns with no chance of playoffs. He’s not going to be playing intense defense, and he will probably concede minutes to both Jackson and Bridges by the end of the year.Suns defense is going to be putrid man, don’t kid yourself. Best case scenario they have a bottom 10 defense.

Slick Rick, Eazy E, Snoop Dogg, Shock G of Digital Underground and Andre 3000 of Outkast are a few of the noted rappers in this line. Often they’re from places other than New York: the laid back West Coast, or the South, where elegance has always been held up as an important aspect of urban masculinity. Kanye West, who’s from Chicago, has earned his top dog title partly by combining elements of this style with the more macho stance of classic “hard” rappers.

Your still just a regular dude tho. Sure, you can’t die, but your body isn’t anything special in terms of physical abilities. You think a group like isis would give a fuck? They’d tie you up and put 500,000 rounds into you then encase you in a concrete block and throw your ass in a well, which they would also fill with concrete.

Let face it, reindeer antlers and Santa hats are cute but are certainly not made for running in. You may think it be worth it but after the first 1/10th of a mile, you be ready to ditch your holiday accessory in the first bush that comes along. Zazzle has several cute trucker hats with fun holiday prints on them.

Not only do they offer various types of shirts for men, women and children, they also offer bags, hats, buttons and many more items that weren’t previously available. Savvy business owners can use this to promote their brand and get a competitive edge in their market. Here are three specific ways in which custom apparel can help small businesses make a big impact..

As it turned out I won two gold medals and the American audiences went wild to see a small woman over 50 competing. They simply had no idea that a female over 50 could be strong and in shape and put on a bikini and compete on stage in public. It was on the flight home from the USA that it occurred to me to work to update the unflattering traditional stereotypical image of the older woman.

1 flew down two days earlier than the report date so I could have time to relax and spend time with a friend I was staying with who was based at Maxwell AFB. We had a much needed spa day and did last minute shopping for supplies I would need. The Saturday night I met up with a few girls who were going to COT who I had the chance to chat with on FB and it was great putting faces to the names.

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