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NBA fans / media constantly measures greatness with RINGS. Yet when a great player is in the position to join a team to ensure multiple rings, it’s a weak move? The argument between LBJ measuring up to Kobe/Jordan always boils down to “who has the most rings”. Who can blame KD for joining the Warriors when he 1) left no money on the table 2) got away from a toxic work environment 3) wants to win above everything else.

Even with this increased popularity many people fail to realize the growing culture and how highly regarded sneakers have become in mainstream society. From full time students working part time jobs to afford a $300 dollar pair of kicks to the adults that keep a fresh pair purchased and ready for that special occasion, sneakers have become a lifestyle. You even have a number of die hards that will sleep outside of stores for the weekend just waiting to get there hands on a hot new limited edition.

Marketing and Education Student Recruitment Using the Full Marketing Mix Part 1Students are a primary market for all institutions and thus a focus for their “marketing”. For most educational institutions, the term, “marketing” equates basically to only part of true marketing Promotion. That limited understanding even makes the Promotional activities in recruiting half baked..

How much sleep you need is probably dependent on the individual. However, I subscribe to the early to bed, early to rise philosophy. Obtaining about 8 hours of sleep each night seems to be about right for me personally. Ah, but everything changes when you have your kid with you. Strap on that baby carrier or get behind the stroller, and you’re shielded. This adorable child you selflessly helped bring into this world is willing to vouch for you! And really, who’s going to doubt their endorsement? Suddenly, service and retail staff are friendlier, people on the street want to talk to you, and those in laws who have been side eyeing you for the past decade finally start to defrost.

With his “greed is good” mantra, Gekko epitomized take no prisoners ’80s Reaganomics; the prospect of watching that character wade through the ruins of a collapsed market (particularly if he’s learned Valuable Moral Lessons in jail) feels counterintuitive. And though Allan Loeb, who’s attached to write the screenplay, can draw on his background as a licensed stockbroker, his film credits are mediocre at best: the horrendously maudlin Halle Berry/Benicio Del Toro tear jerker Things We Lost In The Fire and the ghastly gambling flick 21 top the list. I suppose the latter was a ham fisted cautionary tale about the perils of avarice, but that doesn’t mean it was any good.Greed: it’s kinda sorta not so good anymore.FILM REVIEW: Titanic 3D minute by minuteJames Cameron’s Titanic was always a marathon at three hours and counting.

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