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In 1954, a Nike missile station was installed on the island. The top of Mount Caroline Livermore was chopped off and the associated radar and tracking station was installed there. In 1962, the missiles were removed and the military finally left the island for good and although the radar and tracking station was removed and the mountaintop was restored, the launchpad still remains..

Two to go. Before we turn the corner to the weekend, there plenty happening outside of Paris that has caught our eye the last few days. The June/July issue of Tennis View has Andre Agassi on its cover(full disclosure: I wrote one of the articles in the mag), talking about the American upcoming induction into the Hall of Fame.

China buys less commodities, that hurts the countries that export them, that hurts the big companies that sell to consumers in those countries. There’s a real whiff of panic here. I think sometimes investors move in herds, and that surely seems to be what’s going on now.

If this is correct Lynnfield is a sad joke and Westmere is not much better, just an intro into 32nm. He’s right that Bloomfield is better than Lynnfield but he isn’t thinking from the point of view of say, a typical PC gamer that visits this site to figure out what to build for his next system. The gamer cares less about whether a cpu can fold proteins faster with 8 threads, and more about whether it can play current games fast, and keep up with upcoming games for DX11.

Elvis took the Country he grew up with and the Black church music and Blues that he loved and jammed them together and popularized the 3 minute Blues based record that still dominates the sound of American Popular music. The Beatles, listening to all those early American Rock Roll records, mixed in string arrangements and show tune features and witty songwriting with an abandoning of genre rules or expectations to broaden the whole field of American Popular music . They were simply so big, if The Beatles did it it’s ok to do. All of these artists changed things, music was different after them than it was before them..

If the business is too broad, the upper level management can lose track of the actual market focus and that can result in failure, higher costs, and marketing myopia. On the other hand, if an upper level management is too close minded about marketing strategy and they do not take marketing in a serious way, they would most likely fail too. The balance is in the middle: define how broad your business is and carefully define your customer’s need..

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