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While Tata Sponge continues to do well riding on the strong cycle in the steel industry lack of immediate growth calls for an exit. It is operating at over 110 percent capacity utilisation and there is no major capex in the near term.In thecase of SpiceJet, the headwinds confronting the industry makes us cautious. Passenger yields pressure on the back of fever pitch competition, asignificant rise in air turbine fuel (ATF) prices and rupee depreciation are near term challenges.

Who doesn’t love that feeling of accomplishment? So when I was having an off day, I refused to flake out. I didn’t want to let myself down not in the moment, and not on race day. (Here are 17 Things to Expect When Running Your First Marathon.)I don’t know when it clicked for me; there wasn’t an “aha!” moment.

The two sides of the shoe is made of mesh with fuse underlay so don’t expect much ventilation form there. There is still ventilation though, and it comes from the areas of the shoe made of mesh and foam, which is the toe box up all the way throughout the tongue. Ventilation on the shoe is pretty sufficient in my opinion..

256(Arabic) is no compulsion in religion Truth stands out clear from error. If you hold the hand of Allah Subhana Wa Taala, He will take you from darkness to light. If you hold the hand of the evil one the devil, he will take you from light to darkness.

There are certain issues that will have to be answered when making a company logo. This will serve as a gauge to determine if the logo is doing what it was intended to do. First, it must be clear if the logo is accurately portraying the real essence of the company.

Ever since Mr Marc Pritchard spoke about cleaning the media supply side ecosystem, earlier this year at IAB, there has been a lot of interest from the advertising fraternity in fighting ad fraud. It is true that there are ad tech solutions that are available in the market to help you, but without truly setting up your guidelines to fighting ad fraud, businesses will end up on the losing side more often than not.It was not surprising then, when I read the report in WARC last month stating that 81 percent of advertisers globally, do not understand ad tech solutions and feel that they are being under utilised in their digital media investment.The understanding of the triad of Brand Safety (B), Ad fraud (A) and (V), popularly known as BAV, should be the starting point for any business in their fight against fraud. There are many other challenges which they should be aware of as well.

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