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A train carried us to Vienna; my father hated planes, which he said took the travel out of traveling. There we spent one short night in a hotel. Another train took us through the Alps, past all the white and blue heights of our map at home. Wears a monocle and looks damn good doing it as well. Has a facial scar that blinded her other eye she picked up in a fight with a Tyranid. Luckily it’s the kind of scar that just makes you look dangerous and sexy, and not the makes children cry kind.

The last World Cup we were not very good. We played the wrong brand of cricket. We could not score 350, did not have options to take wickets with the ball and were out before we started. This is the biggest sticking point to me every time these threads come along. People throw out “P5” as if every P5 team is Clemson or Bama. The Big 10 West, other than Wisconsin, Iowa at their best and perhaps Nebraska if Frost succeeds, would be mid tier at best in the AAC.

Some aristocrats and artisans decorated their shields with elaborate designs, jewels, and other adornments. The shield evolved to be much more than just a functional piece of defensive equipment. It became a key social signifier of rank. They were purged on the grounds that they were felons and thus banned from voting, which helped to hand the presidency to George W. Bush. Yet not one was found guilty of voting illegally.

These 10 are my favorites.This is a real interesting twist on salsa. Besides having with typical chips, this 100 percent all natural product goes great with eggs, burgers, or on a sandwich for a little extra taste without a lot of extra calories. What I loved about this brand is that I could satisfy my craving in a nutritious way.

Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but long before the first pair of Air Jordans hit the courts or even the swoosh itself debuted, there was Phil Knight. The chairman of Nike co founded the company in 1964, reportedly putting up $500 of his own money. Today, Nike, which is based near Portland, Ore., is worth more than $90 billion and Knight is stepping down.

ComplexCon, one of, if not the biggest shoe conventions, is getting ready to take place again this November, in Long Beach, California. The event will run for two days (9/3 9/4) and will focus onpop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, education, and most importantly (for us) : Sneakers! Pre sale tickets have sold out, but keep your eyes open for general sales, coming soon. This event is put on by various sponsors, footwear companies, and innovators and creatives, such as Pharrell and Takashi Murakami, coming together to celebrate culture.

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