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La igualdad de gnero no es solo un derecho humano sino tambin una condicin necesaria para un mundo sostenible, pacfico y prspero. ONU Mujeres trabaja para eliminar la discriminacin contra mujeres y nias, empoderarlas y lograr la igualdad de mujeres y hombres como socios y beneficiarios del desarrollo, los derechos humanos, la labor humanitaria y la paz y la seguridad.Qu rganos y cuerpos de la ONU estn trabajando por el desarrollo? ElDepartamento de Asuntos Econmicos y Sociales (DAES)trabaja estrechamente con los gobiernos y las partes interesadas para ayudar a los pases a alcanzar sus objetivos econmicos, sociales y medioambientales. ElPrograma de las para el Desarrollotrabaja con grupos muy diversos de personas para construir pases ms resistentes a las crisis e impulsar y mantener el tipo de crecimiento que mejora la calidad de vida de toda la poblacin.

That’s the story at the core of the new romantic comedy “Just Wright,” starring two hip hop stars turned actors, Common and Queen Latifah. The movie debuted this weekend and took in about $8.5 million. In the film, Queen is a diehard basketball fan who meets a hottie all star basketball player, who’s played by Common, of course.

After spending a few hours with this person, I had this sense of dread and sadness for no reason. I had actually looked forward to spending time with this person very much and was so disappointed to feel what I felt. It was a huge letdown and very unexpected.

We have a close family and Jordan’s 4 other siblings are always their to support her every need. ” you cant do this your in a wheelchair” has never been words said in our house, “just because your in a Wheelchair; This is not going to stop you from doing the things that you have always wanted to do, we just have to find another way”. Jordan always finds a way to challenge herself, her next challenge is she would like to “Roll” into Time Square in New York.

In Kenya, Massmart was unable to complete a deal with private retailer Naivas because of a family dispute over its ownership.At home, too, some customers are underwhelmed by Massmart performance. Famed for its aggressive pricing, it appears to be struggling to compete with Shoprite on cheap groceries.was very excited when I heard Wal Mart is bringing low prices to South Africa but I haven seen that, said Themba Khumalo, a 31 year old bank teller outside a Johannesburg shopping mall.Wal Mart has also had problems in its bid to fast track the expansion of Massmart grocery unit Game. Massmart has complained to the competition watchdog against three rivals over shopping mall leases that prevent Game from selling groceries.AFRICA RISING Wal Mart, and other international companies, want to benefit from a continent poised for dynamic growth fuelled by a rising young population of workers and consumers and global demand for its commodities, an idea known as RisingThere are promising signs for retailers: Shoprite Basson reported demand for big brands after five Shoprite stores in Angola sold more Red Bull cans than nearly all 400 stores in South Africa in one year.But others are also finding it Africa is just not that romantic, it not easy.

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