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Fevicol is a brand of adhesive manufactured marketed by Pidilite synonymous with the word adhesives in India. This is a commendable feat considering it is a brand in a low involvement category such as adhesives which, rarely gets free earned media. Fevicol currently has around 70 percent market share.

When GE retired its famous tagline “We Bring Good Things to Life,” and replaced it with “Imagination at Work,” the goal was to move away from being perceived as a “lighting and appliances” company and “play up the conglomerate efforts in realms like medical technology, robotics, media and financial services.” In the words of GE manager of corporate identity, the new tagline is a means of “expressing ourselves in a new way for a new century.”Taglines can take on different forms or functions. For example, descriptive taglines may state the benefits of a brand product or service, evocative taglines appeal to emotion, and motivating taglines call the audience to take action.What makes a good tagline or slogan?Good taglines are first and foremost differentiating. In a sea of similar offerings, consumers notice brands that stand out, and creative taglines help brands differentiate from competitors.

Then, there is an additional quirk concerning the crest on both jerseys: The player version gets the full coat of arms of Australia, but on the retail/replica version, the shield between the emu and the kangaroo is replaced by the confederation logo. This has been consistently done for quite a while and at least this time around it is not the clip art style soccer ball replacing or obstructing the shield. Why this is done is a bit beyond me and I would be happy for any enlightenment on this matter..

Market researchers had measured the taste but had failed to measure the emotional attachment consumers had to Coca Cola. There were angry letters, formal protests and even lawsuit threats, to force the retention of “The Real Thing”. Ten weeks later, the company withdrew New Coke and reintroduced its century old formula as “Classical Coke”, giving the old formula even stronger status in the marketplace.

Before I saw the BTN story I thought it was about poverty and what we can do to help people living in poverty. After I saw the story I found out that it was about an organisation called HYPA who are determined to give homeless people a home, an education and food. One girl that works at HYPA was also homeless and now she doesn TMt want other people to go through what she went through.

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