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Among other factors, Nike chose the three runners Saturday on three key measurements: running economy, velocity and VO2 the maximum amount of oxygen their body can utilize during intense exercise.The three athletes also were equipped with a specially designed marathon shoe lightweight, cushioned, thick soled and fitted with a carbon plate to reduce the amount the foot flexes. Bret Schoolmeester, the head of Nike footwear for the global division, said he believes the shoe could improve running economy by 4% crucial when every second counts over 26.2 miles.Join the conversationSee the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.The one thing Nike couldn’t measure before the race was the runners’ grit. Scientists had proven the runners were capable, and the athletes had demonstrated tenacity in their training to try to set a new bar in the world of human performance..

50.76 Cr. But at the same time, the whole of the said surplus was ploughed backed and utilised on infrastructure; Further, ITAT treats contribution by assessee society to another educational institution (also registered u/s 12AA) as assessee’s application of income u/s. 11, holds that contribution made is in accordance with assessee’s byelaws of promotion of education; ITAT clarifies that restriction proposed by Finance Bill, 2017 is prospective in application and will apply only where donations are made with specific directions to form part of corpus of the recipient entity, remarks that “the donations with no specific directions to the recipient entity continue to be eligible as application of income.”:ITAT.

Find Your Comfort ZonePatridge suggests wearing your new suit around the house for a few days until it feels like your second skin. “Or get support and advice from some of your friends by inviting them over for a private girls only party in the backyard,” says Patridge. If you still feel self conscious, experiment with strategic cover ups that showcase your best assets, be it toned legs or sexy shoulders.

Vincent and Brazilian band Os Mutantes are teaming up with Beck to perform INXS’s 1987 album Kick in its entirety, and the latest single to be added to the site is worth checking out. Delivering a sultry, insistent version of Need You Tonight, St. Vincent achieves that rare feat of making a cover that’s every bit as interesting as the original.

A: Transfers are interesting. The one thing about transfers is if you get them they normally don’t transfer again. So coaches get excited about that a little bit. The velour sweatsuits are back. FashionGoneRouge has unveiled Juicy’s Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign, and it’s like middle school all over again. Models Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Emily DiDonato get back in those candy colored sweatsuits plus baseball hats and sunglasses, with big curly hair to match our own youthful hairstyles (before we discovered flat irons)..

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