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Ya no tengo el Link pero os dejar el de la Tienda y su whatsapp para que as podis preguntarle al vendedor si vuelve a ponerlo en venta, ya que el de l viene con la marca. (recordar, si vais a preguntar por la marca, solo hacerlo por WhatsApp, no en mensajes de Ali) Tambin os dejar varios links ms donde veris muchas fotos reales en sus Feedbacks pero no tienen la marca. O al igual tambin podis preguntar a esos vendedores.

He’s also worried that an infection will take hold in her open wounds. “We don’t live in a very clean environment. Flies are going in and out of her wounds, and we can’t really do much to stop that except for encouraging her to use the mosquito net,” he says.

Can I quit my day job and work 8 hours a day for 30 days and earn enough to make a living?May be in the long run one may earn more, but my question is . If from the first day if I put effort for 8 days. Will I get a decent earning to quit my day job with my first month on hubpages if..

Six minutes forty seconds per mile. This is equivalent to the nice round number of 9 miles per hour. A 6:40 mile pace for a marathon yields a 2:54:40 marathon; a time with a 5 minute cushion under 3 hours. The investigation determined that when Meyer learned that Zach Smith’s ex wife, Courtney,was publicly accusing him of ignoring her claims of domestic violence, one of the first things the head coach did was discuss with an assistant how to delete old text messages from his phone, so reporters couldn’t see them. When the university took the phone, it had been set to save text messages only for the previous year. A public records request from Ohio State’s student newspaper for messages Meyer sent during crucial months in 2015, the report suggested, will likely never get filled as a result..

La prima (e ufficiale) versione del dipinto fu presentata nel 1859 all’Esposizione annuale dell’Accademia di Brera con il titolo originale di Il Bacio. Episodio della giovinezza. Costumi del secolo XIV, appena tre mesi dopo l’ingresso a Milano delle truppe sabaude di Vittorio Emanuele II (sovrano del regno di Sardegna e futuro primo re d’Italia) e dell’Imperatore francese Napoleone III, i quali con la vittoria di Solferino (Mantova) del 24 giugno 1859, nel contesto della Seconda Guerra d’Indipendenza, liberarono il Lombardo Veneto dagli Austriaci, aprendo definitivamente le porte all’Unit d’Italia (17 marzo 1861)..

The and coming together to form a glove, baseball in tow, makes for a clever design. But unlike the hidden arrow in FedEx, it not one of those tricks of the trade you struggle to unsee. The glove always remains; a seamless design with seams, if you will.

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