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You would never know about it because no one talks about it and the local papers print nothing about it. In fact, a lot of crimes are kept out of the papers “police blotter” so people don’t think any real crime occurs in the Hamptons. Well, ok, we can’t hide murders, but they happen so infrequently to begin with.

Edit: this got bigger than I thought over night. To clarify, I was carrying illegally and it was 13 years ago. I know having a round in the chamber would have been the smart thing to do but having my license at the time would have been smarter. That’s what this ‘lifting charge’ is for. Once up in the air at the right height this fuse triggers the second charge inside this shell, called the burst charge, which is the big colourful explosion you’d know and love. You’ve probably seen fireworks explode in all different shapes and colours too.

One of the seeming paradoxes of our previous site is that while it was generally considered easy to use by our audience, we also received a steady number of comments from users in our surveys about how hard it was to get to specific information across different leagues or sports. I recall one user summed it up neatly by saying “you have to click, click, click to get anything”. We knew we had to make this type of journey faster in the new site..

These are the latest Asics running shoes to hit the market that are available for women to wear. They’re not available at many places online at the moment. Zappos is selling a pair of Asics Gel Evolution 6 running shoes for women. The yearly famous Nwaotam Festival is celebrated in Port Harcourt on 25 December. In the event different groups go to the sea in the night, and perform prayers. They return back the next day at the seaside by a procession which begins the festival.

Please don’t risk the potential for giving your Dachshund back or neck problems because you are using the wrong kind of leash. A leash that is connected to your dogs’ collar may cause windpipe damage as well as possibly destroying their vocal cords. Dachshunds are unique because of their short legs and very long back.

Tim: What we do at The Tot is provide trust and advice and mindfully curated products. For it to be considered trusted advice it needs to come from a credible real place. It needs to be authentic and it needs to come from experts, people who know what they are talking about.

Knighthood is an honour that the Queen gives out in the UK to recognise people for doing great things. Women can get it too, although they’re called dames. It’s given out in a ceremony where the Queen places a sword on the Knight or Dame’s shoulders.

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