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Validate them. Don’t try to talk them out of their feelings. The world is in the midst of an epidemic of narcissism right now. They’re not going to get away from that. They’re playing against with that high octane, high pace, one of the most potent offenses we have seen in the NBA with the warriors who put up 132 points in game two, that’s the pose points we’ve seen in a finals game since 1987 and, guys, we have been talking about cavs/warriors 3 like we’re seeing this again. You got to remember the warriors are not the same team.

If you were to throw a baseball with your wrist completely straight so that it is in line with your forearm, you would have very little power and control. Naturally, we bend our wrist when throwing and this allows us to have more control. Further, the mechanics increase the power we generate through our movement; the same theory applies for lacrosse.

The selection of centre back Henrique by coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is the only surprise inclusion which caught the eye of many fans and the people associated with the sport. The defender has only played 4 games for the national team but is said to be trusted by his coach who had him under his wing at his time at Brazilian club Palmeiras. Another reason which has been cited is due to his ability to play in a number of positions with the player being deployed as a centre back, right back and also as a defensive midfielder..

For computing resources equal to hardware which can be hired on internet for about 1000 USD of rent per month, the cloud services charge roughly 10 000 USD +. With all this sharing and increased use of resources, one would expect the prices would be lower if 10 people share the same server rather than higher. In that sense the cloud services seem to ride on a hype, but it is hard to imagine a drop in price by 10x in order to become commercially viable in the future.

Next up, Anand posted a blog about Intel’s latest platform and CPU updates. We will be seeing 16 new 45nm processors from Intel. We also have coverage up on Intel’s new mobile Penryn part. I was originally going to post a list of all the firms advertising in this year event until I realized there are 37 different companies advertising. Anheuser Busch InBev (parent company of Budweiser) takes this year crown by not only sponsoring the Superbowl but also running six commercials over four and a half minutes(Steinberg, 2013). Based on the figures RIM is paying, that means they are paying a grand total of $27,000,000 and that not including sponsorship costs.

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