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Robles slipped his finger onto the trigger and leaned into the rifle stock. Then he pulled his head back and listened. The scratching at the door was soft, but close and very much there. Half the time I work as a producer, reporter and presenter for World Business Report. The other half I spend enjoying the camaraderie of night shifts as a business presenter for the World Service’s Newsday programme. My working life started as a waitress at the age of fourteen, hauling plates at the local pub.

Well executed works fit into the “creative place making” mantra loved by architects and planners. Just a couple of streets away from the Exclusive Residential site is The Stage, a 37 floor project by Galliard Homes on Curtain Road, where one of London’s first Shakespearean playhouses existed. Galliard has pledged not to hurt the famous Shoreditch Art Wall, and a collection of pop art illustrations by local street artist DFace is on show in the marketing suite, where the slogan is: “Global finance and pinstripes succumb to edgy art”..

The ACLU is suing to gain access. But not everyone thinks it’s a great idea. During KATU’s live stream of Wednesday’s news conference, plenty of people made it clear they do not support a lawsuit versus the president, calling it “absurd,” a “waste of time and money” and “everyone is for immigration .

However, the shoe has one pretty ugly flaw that a $200 product shouldn’t be having. Personally, I would love to see them priced at $160 or something in that price range. Let me know how much you would pay for them in the comment section below.. The people wanting to do good would be registered. There would be penalties for not registering. The people wanting to do bad would NOT be registered knowing of and independent of the penalties.

An example of short term memory loss would be looking up a phone number and remembering it long enough to place the call. Once the call is completed, the number is forgotten. Long term (recent) involves the recent past such as remembering what one had for breakfast yesterday or the day before that.

I sometimes fear that, eventually, I’m going to be caught out as a fraud. I will be seen as not having had a stellar career as a community worker, and that I wasn’t all that good at implementing what I talk about as good practice. People will realise that when I talk about Transition Newcastle, while I do help with planning, communicating and keeping the organisation running, most of the actual work is done by Cathy (my partner).

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