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The Sugarpova line has become such a big part of Sharapova’s life that she considered officially changing her last name to match the candy brand. “I considered it, but there’s a lot of documentation to do and you have to go to court, so it was too much time with my travel schedule,” she says. “Some fans on Twitter already call me Maria Sugarpova, and when I type my last name into my phone, it automatically corrects it anyway!”.

My son plays club soccer now, and my admiration for America’s youth system has only grown. It is far from perfect: pay for play leaves out a vast pool of talent, and some leagues can be chaotic at best. Yet, every weekend, I see grounds filled to the brim with families, united by the love of a game that, not that long ago, seemed far removed from the American catalogue of sporting passions.

“Our camp teaches you about stocks, bonds, mutual funds. And the importance of saving and investing. We also expose kids to the many career opportunities available in the financial services industry;’ says Douglas “At Coe, the president of Moody Reid Financial Advisors Inc., who started the camp in 199’1.

Having that beer is ok but you need to realise every sip will cost you a small part of your desired success. How much you compromise is up to you. I worked this into shorthand: Think like Mo. According to a recent American Heart Association survey, over 75 percent of the respondents believed that wine is heart healthy, but what about beer? Believe it or not the sudsy stuff is beginning to gain a reputation among health professionals as a beneficial beverage. Here are four guilt free reasons to pop a few brewskies this summer:All alcoholic beverages, including beer, have been shown to boost HDL, the “good” cholesterol, lower LDL the “bad” cholesterol and thin the blood, to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Moderate alcohol consumption, which is one 12 oz beer a day for women and two for men, has also been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and improved brain function in older adults.Beer offers unique benefits compared to wine and spiritsIn the Nurses Health study, over 70,000 women ages 25 to 42 were tracked for the link between alcohol and high blood pressure.

‘At 8 am? I was told to come at one o’clock’ she answered with a shock in her voice. To show she wasn’t joking, she took out the printout of the job interview details and presented it to Steve. He had a puzzled looked on his face when he was reading the email.

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