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I should have got that’. They can’t benefit from people who pick up their books, scan a few pages here and there, and then complain that they ‘don’t get it’. The mystery reader, on the other hand, is someone who likes to see the plot laid out in order; likes to get to know the characters and hear their stories; likes to be thinking about how the book might turn out.

The more you work a problem, the more narrow the range of options you see. You get, quite literally, stuck inside a neural network too small to offer you a solution. Go for a walk even just down the hall. The weekend’s finals have underlined the diverging paths followed by the two tours. Women’s tennis is diversifying, having welcomed three new major champions since Serena Williams announced her pregnancy last spring. Men’s tennis, by contrast, is a duopoly.

In the Nestle controversy last year the government confirmed that they had found MSG in Maggi Noodles on April 2015 ( It came to light much later that Nestle had nothing wrong and were acquitted in the case by the courts ). In spite of the terrible time the company had to go through in the following months including a change of CEO, the brand remained strong and resilient. Consumers wanted to get it back on the shelves once again.

As I learned in moderating this blog for the last 18 months, however, it doesn always seem as though Lakers fans are having a joyful time following the team. No doubt fans wake up every day eager to witness and/or talk about another Lakers victory. But even when the Lakers were winning, plenty of the commentary centered on subplots rather than the big picture.

It’s difficult to find many historic buildings in Las Vegas, especially on the The Strip, because this town tries to reinvent itself every few years. Hotel and casino owners are known for imploding older buildings, like the historic Dunes, Sands, Hacienda, Landmark, and Aladdin hotels to make way for the new. This is mainly because land and water are so precious along The Strip, and casino moguls attempt to build the best and most modern to continue to attract tourists and top each other in the race to be the next big thing..

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