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I work in a lab doing process development. Basically someone discovers a potential drug and we figure out how to make it, formulate it, and scale up the processes. The job involves a lot of molecular dynamics and knowledge of biochem is a big help because we have to think about molecular structures and what makes them distinct from other molecules in their solution.

Hello and thanks for writing! Grrrr, my Goodwill stores do that too, and it drives me crazy! Not just from the standpoint of re selling, but sometimes I find new items that I would like to give as gifts and with a Sharpie marker all over it, it impossible. I usually avoid the items with the markings on them, just to avoid a potential conflict with a customer. Some people don care if there a Goodwill price on the item they just purchased, but there are always those who take issue with it.

Special touches like well kept greenery, new lighting sconces, landscaping lighting, new home numbers and a doorway wreath can add some instant curb appeal to your home. These are all inexpensive and simple to do, but choosing a new entry door can take a little more effort. Before selecting one, do a little research to determine which is right for you..

People engage in racial profiling “often not on purpose,” Tolia says. It’s implicit bias. For example, he says, a user might think: “If I look out my window, and I see someone breaking into a car, and the only thing I see is that they’re dark skinned, why can’t I post [it]? That’s all I see.”.

Indiana Pacers The Indiana Pacers formed in 1967 as part of the ABA where they were one of the dominant franchises. With stars like Roger Brown, George McGinnis, and Mel Daniels they played in the Finals five times winning three ABA championships in 1970, 1972, and 1973. After joining the NBA after the merger the Pacers struggled for many years making the playoff only twice from 1976 to 1989 both times losing in the first round.

He had his head down and he was making sure he didn get anything wrong on that cheque and when he slid it down there and he said, can take this right now, but you have to promise me you won go see Nike or adidas was lost for words at the beginning. S, we flew in from Akron, Ohio, from the projects. Our rent was like $17 a month.

What makes student athletes especially vulnerable to temptation is that many consider themselves underpaid professionals who deserve whatever comes their way. “Once you get out on the floor, it’s a job, and you expect to get paid,” says former UNLV player Eldridge Hudson. “If a kid is busting his ass on the court, if somebody wants to buy him a car, let him have it.” Hudson always hoped to share his good fortune with his family.

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