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The decision skewed towards Lowe Lintas due to its high gold win; the agency won an impressive 165 points comprising six golds, five silvers and five bronzes. Lowe won two golds for Lifebuoy ‘Help a child reach 5’ campaign under Consumer Products: Cosmetics and Toiletries, Personal Hygiene and Integrated Advertising Campaign categories. It was awarded another two gold metals for Idea Cellular’s ‘Telephone exchange’ campaign in the Services: Telecom and Related Products category and for ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign under Integrated Advertising Campaign category..

Biomech., 2000, Vol. 33, No. 3, pp. That’s why in 1968, many countries signed an agreement to stop making, buying or using nuclear weapons. Eventually nearly every country in the world signed, including North Korea. But in the early 2000s, it became the only country to back out and since then it’s made it clear it’s not exactly against nuclear weapons..

Food: Look for this to be the year that breakfast goes global. Technomic, a foodservice industry research firm, forecasts that restaurants willreach beyond breakfast burritos and start incorporating more Asian, African and Middle Eastern ingredients and spices into morning menus. The group says diners can expect to see more dishes like shakshuka, which, in a version offered at a small chain called Snap Kitchen, features eggs, chickpeas, kale, feta and spiced tomato sauce.

Like our go to thong sandals, Shavelson says flip flops, Uggs and ballerina flats may also spark long term health issues. Unless your feet are naturally strong and healthy, they’re bad choices that should be limited or avoided all year round. Because of “summer spread,” women should be careful getting back into their fall shoes, which may have become tight..

Restoration Sign “Genki”:Witch Doctors have traditionally been called upon to operate for long hours without rest, go to sleep, then do it all over again, especially during times of plague and war. Their mana pools are naturally larger than most other Witches and while they awake they operate at 110% until they run out of energy which is normally a full 16 hours, at which point they are dead to the world for 8 hours. The also can eat a ridiculous amount without putting on weight.

Krilla says his group is set to start conducting inspections with the new standards next month. Meantime, inspectors working on behalf of the Bangladeshi government say progress has been slow because of political turmoil inside the country. Mehedi Ahmed Ansary, a professor at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, says his group, which is assisting the government, has only been able to inspect around 60 factories in the past month.

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