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Racing flats are running shoes that are designed to go fast. Stripped down, lightweight, often made of premium materials and rides low to the ground to provide the runner a firm and responsive pop. Broadly speaking, they also not very comfortable and will pretty much leave your legs trashed after the race.

This is my 5.1 setup adapted to my dorm room. Usually I have JBL towers as my mains, but decided to compromise a bit when I brought my setup to school. I just got a LG V30 that has a wide angle lens so I played around with it a bit while making this album.

More applications for smart devices are created everyday, and more features are added to smart phones, watches, etc. That make older electronics obsolete which could be the case for the fit band obsolete. For example, as of 2015 Smart Clothing began being launched.

Let me introduce the structure of the shoes. The shoes are made by good PU Nubuc. Therefore the shoes are not so heavy. Rice punched Janay Palmer in a casino elevator on Feb. 15. He was arrested on assault charges, and a police summons stated that Rice had struck Palmer with his hand, rendering her unconscious.

When playing Terra, do not focus on her healing. Her healing takes too long to be effective, and her 3 is better used as set up for your team or healing when between waves not in combat. The goal of Terra is setting up your team. Sofia’s, the penultimate stretch before the final straight. The last bit of quiet where all us runners were still giving it our best and hanging in there, running over the pain. And then the final turn into the beautiful street of Herodou Attikou and the crowds were now 4 people deep and cheering.

As my brain chatter began to disintegrate, I felt an odd sense of isolation. My blood pressure must have been dropping as a result of the bleeding in my brain because I felt as if all of my systems, including my mind’s ability to instigate movement, were moving into a slow mode of operation. Yet, even though my thoughts were no longer a constant stream of chatter about the external world and my relationship to it, I was conscious and constantly present within my mind..

Nu r vi dock s trtta att vi turas om att sova. Lite ensamt vid rodret och mrkret, men det gr fint. Ljuset kommet ter och vi fr en fin dag med fiskelycka och en Tuna (inte riktigt lika stor) fngas. So much so that I might not make another album. I might just write a novel next. Is this foreshadowing of the fact that we still have not received an album? Is Frank teasing us all mercilessly? Who knows..

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