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It takes more than a great idea to start a company you also need cash, and lots of it. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had trouble finding investors when they first started to raise capital to launch their brand new search engine. Then they had the good fortune of meeting Andy Bechtolsheim, a founder of Sun Microsystems, who wrote a check for $100,000 to “Google, Inc.” With nowhere to deposit the money, Page and Brin incorporated, anxiously waiting two weeks until the seed money could be placed in the bank.

Dove’s marketing director, Mark Wakefield, has stated that during its brand tracking, consumers responded with recognition of the Dove blue bird logo 90 percent of the time just slightly behind Nike’s swoosh. Unilever estimates that the media exposure generated by the campaign adds up to more than 30 times the paid for media space. In 2013, Dove sales increased 1 percent in only four weeks after the release of Sketches, in comparison to a 3 percent growth usually seen for the entire year..

Reaction to the motion passed at last week Conservative convention calling for the elimination of birthright citizenship the principle, enshrined in Canadian law, that anyone born on Canadian soil is automatically a citizen for life unless at least one of the child parents is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, was unusually, if predictably, heated. The prime minister principal secretary, Gerald Butts, publicly accused the Tories of plotting to strip people born in Canada of their citizenship (nothing in the motion implied retroactivity), while the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, denounced the party for peddling and hate. This for a motion that both sides agree is of little practical consequence.

In Oregon, Knight met his coach Bill Bowerman, who became his lifelong mentor. In 1950s, Bowerman had broken the records of long distance race several times. He paid a lot of attention to his team and hoped they could win. Kim values the community aspect of growing locally. She loves to meet other growers and help young people learn where their food comes from. She doesn like how industrialized food has become in the US, and thinks that the local foods movement is really important for health, the economy, and the environment.

In the session today we learnt how to draw using one point perspective more in depth. Firstly we began by understanding the basic rules of how each line would end up in the vanishing point. To do this we drew 8 shapes around a horizon line which we had marked the mid point on, once we had done this we began to connect each corner of our shape to the mid point (vanishing point).

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