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The meth heads who walk down the alleys behind my apartment don’t care if I’m pro or anti gun control. My stances don’t do anything to protect me in the moment. I’m not thrilled about eventually having to buy a gun and learn how to properly use it but the world doesn’t change because of that.

I suspect your high cadence is causing your arms to swing wide and fast thus leading the app to add more than what you actually covered. But also because my treadmill has this same issue, it is so inaccurate with speed and distance that I dont even pay any attention to how far it thinks I gone. I use a Microsoft Band and rely on it for pace and distance while on my treadmill and my treadmill runs are pretty much spot on pace/distance/time wise when compared to my outside runs according to the Band but my treadmill is usually 2 miles off.

Most people expect 21 year old Brandon Knight obtained in the trade for Brandon Jennings to be Milwaukee’s starting point guard. This is based on Knights’ experience running the point for Detroit in the 2012 2013 season. If Knight should falter, the Bucks could call on an experienced Luke Ridnour who previously played point guard for both Milwaukee and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Seeking an ideal strength training regimen to supplement my running, kettlebell workouts seemed intriguing. A number of people have recently lauded the efficiency and effectiveness of using the kettlebell exercises to build strength and cardio fitness. About 12 weeks ago I came across the KettleWorX program and decided to give it a try.

The whole point of this was to establish AptX as a common standard from Qualcomm so that it ensures their revenue in the future when nearly all devices are expected to have it as a standard. That is why it was aggressively and is still aggressively pushed via their chips. It quite difficult to argue that Samsung don have an agreement with them about it too..

I think at this point in time this is an election where certainly I think we’re very confident. And every Democrat strategist or any Republican strategist will argue, pollsters and others, that we’re going to win the House. We’re going to do very well in the Senate.

Several months ago, for example, the Competitor Group very publicly ended appearance fees for elite athletes running in their Rock ‘n’ Roll race series in the United States. Subsequent discussion made it clear that the private equity firm Calera Capital that owns Competitor Group, Inc. (CGI), believed that having elite runners at its events didn’t actually recruit participants and that they could make plenty of money by providing everyday fitness runners with an entertainment experience, as well as a destination.

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