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Example 2Another example that I’m sure anyone, at least in America, is familiar with is Snuggie. Snuggie is basically a backwards robe and started out in just three or four colors. It was a very simple idea it caught on It was so ridiculous, people bought them as gag gifts well that’s still a sell.

Sadly, judging from the turnout at Toronto’s Guvernment club last night, White’s show going faithful could’ve used a little encouragement the place was possibly half full, if that (or, for you optimists, only half empty).Not that absentee Santogold fans missed much. When I saw the Brookyln based spitfire open for Coldplay at the cavernous Air Canada Centre a month or so back, I attributed her lacklustre performance to a combination of bad venue (a massive stadium was the worst possible place for a booming, dubby act designed to heat up dance floors; the treble vocals were buried in a muddy, fuzzy bass soup) + wrong audience (your average Coldplay fan is likely not someone who’s gonna get Santogold’s fizzy fusion of dub, rock, new wave, reggae and punk). Unfortunately, White didn’t fare much better at the Guvernment gig.First off, the full band that was on hand to flesh out her punchy tracks at the Air Canada Centre was nowhere in sight.

S have lots of people reading theirbooks, following their work, and listening to them. But they don necessarily create a community or two way communication between themselves and the people who follow them. They don necessarily facilitate ways for their followers to communicate with each other either.

Nike recently attended ComplexCon, and made their presence known via a vast and exclusive display of AF1 models that have dropped throughout the years. We have also seen popular brands, such as Off White and PSNY collaborating on the iconic sneaker. Nike has also teamed up with the likes of Roc A Fella Records, Don C, Acronym, and Travis Scott to release a unique collection of the reworked classics.

Just strap your slippers to your pouch and go. In my opinion, its the best feeling in the world (as I run barefoot all the time now, you don need expensive running shoes) and no it does not hurt, just be mindful of where you step and what you step on. Running barefoot however takes more concentration to your surrounding path so this might interfere with tip number 3.

Earlier in the day a prominent businessman in the tight knit community said he had seen Geoff Hunt at a meeting last week and he seemed normal was absolutely no indication that anything was wrong or that anything like this was about to happen. He appeared to be in fine spirits. He a lovely guy, very easy going and he seemed happy and perfectly normal.

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