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I tried to read this in its entirety, I really did. But the complete absence of punctuation (save for the direct quotes) and constant errors my already foggy brain had to process (a common downside of my medication) made me give up about halfway through. I really can read something that just one long run on sentence with the occasional quote breaking up the text.

Not long afterwards, my pickup was repossessed since it had been a little difficult finding employment and I had gotten behind on payments. Once the truck disappeared, so did all my so called friends. Unfortunately, my wife and I divorced not long afterwards.

“,”id”:”152″},{“title”:”There Is More Work To Do”,”created”:”06/26/2013 1:17 PM EDT”,”tweet_link”:”151_there is more work to do”,”short_text”:”Bob Konst, 70, drove up to Washington from Miami Beach earlier this week to witness the DOMA/Prop 8 rulings and has waited outside the court house all week. He is disappointed with the Prop 8 ruling. “It a good victory.

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