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THE BREAKDOWN: This advert has had a pretty bad press. One columnist wrote that it had “all the charm of a ‘grooming’ programme for naive young voters who unintentionally find it on the internet thinking it’s a basket of animated puppies, and the next thing they know they’re being lectured on social responsibility”. Other commentators have questioned the use of the word “tosser”.

For those who grew up in the Rock Star Era, reading Creem and Crawdaddy and standing in line for the summer’s hottest concerts, the analogy never fit right anyway. Sure, chefs often have the tats and the anti social attitude. They even have the drugs and the occasional phone call to friends to bail them out of jail.

The allegation that cash strapped banks are giving the cold shoulder to industry is unfounded. According to data compiled by RBI on the sectoral deployment of bank credit, lending to industries has remained robust throughout the years Rajan was at the helm. The total outstanding credit to micro and small, medium, and large industries was Rs 23,71,500 crore in September 2013, when Rajan took over as governor of India’s central bank..

It’s made me a better runner, a more self assured athlete, and a smarter scheduler (fitting in six workouts a week is no joke!). I’ve also learned some important lessons along the way.What you eat affects your performance, and you don’t have to be an elite athlete to feel a difference. As a nutrition editor, this was something I already knew in my head.

It really hard to count after a while. That was just doing things like assisting him with his ropes (feeling it sliding in my palms working with it), getting my scalp massaged, him kissing my feet. These were low level ones. KM: We would open up a boarding school for girls, sixth grade through high school. We have a business plan that would be able to sustain that school within give years. We would open up a guest house, and teach the girls business and entrepreneurship skills.

Continue reading this postAguilera’s Super Bowl flub: What’s your most embarrassing public blunder?Child care: Would you prefer benefit cheques or a national day care system?Human Resources Minister Diane Finley says there’s nothing wrong with choosing day care, but parents should have other options.”We believe that [parents] should have a choice in their child care,” Finley told the House of Commons Friday. Finley had been. Continue reading this post.

I won’t work for Nike or McDonald’s, but I may work someplace that someone else might deem to be a sell out based on their interpretation of my views on the viability of capitalism as opposed to something better. The descriptive terms people use reflect their understanding and orientation, not mine. It is not my priority to live in implausible circumstances in purity to avoid twits calling me names.

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