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Echo SmartPens come in both 4GB and 8GB. I prefer the 8GB version due to the expanse of Apps that are available, the ability to store up to 128,000 pages of notes or nearly 800 hours of audio. If you prefer to transfer your files from the SmartPen daily you can.

I was behind you (Wave 2, J) but aside from that (and obviously pace), this could be my own race report. Ambitious goal (2:25, no), realistic goal (2:29, yes 2:28!), beating PR (2:32, yes!). I am an out of towner though, so while I wasn familiar with where the course would go, I agree with everything you had to say about it.

The most kills: Simo Hyh, a Finnish sniper, holds the record with 542 Soviet soldiers shot during the Russian invasion of Finland in World War II. Numerous Soviet snipers killed more than 400 soldiers while fighting the Germans. Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock made a 2,000 yard shot in 1967 during the Vietnam War with a .50 caliber Browning machine gun fitted with a scope mount of Mr Hathcock’s own design.

There’s a huge problem with PT’s prescribing dubious body building style split weight routines to everybody and their dog. Split routines are designed for folk training 5 6 times a week with weights and even then, they’re not required unless. You’re a pro athlete or a body builder.

I can’t help you much vis vis lounging in bed for 40 minutes I do the same, but I feel less rushed and more relaxed this way. If you’re concerned about it, set a second alarm for (for example) 30 minutes after your first. When the second one goes off, just get out of bed.

Not every college president is pulling in the big bucks, however. Leaders at research universities considered the top of the academic heap earn much higher compensation than rivals at colleges that only offer bachelor’s degrees. Presidents at research universities who are within the 75th percentile of pay are pulling in an average of $1.18 million, compared with $280,974 for presidents at four year institutions focusing on the arts and sciences..

This is the kind of school they are. Wranglers and Levi’s. F 10s and Firebirds. I had flying lessons from both of them. The city took the airport by eminent domain, and the brothers left. Thought you might like to see a bit about Walter:.. The consumption of greeting cards is based off the sentimental emotion each card provokes and changes in meaning from person to person. Card companies such as Hallmark, have developed a responsive and sympatric business appearance to its customers. It is no wonder, the company generates over $4.1 billion in annual revenues.

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