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Mainstream political party platform topics like abortion, immigration, and the minimum wage get a renewed focus every four years. The 2016 primary season is no exception with each commanding a great deal of media attention; although illegal immigration and the US accepting refugees from the Middle East are higher priority topics with voters, wage rates and the minimum wage is being leveraged handily. With several states already passing legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour over the next several years, walkouts by fast food workers, and a steady stream of narrative coming from the media on related topics such as the wage disparity between men and women, the nation is acutely aware of the coming changes.

How Does Zinc Work to Help You Get Over a Cold?Researchers are not certain how the zinc mineral helps reduce cold symptoms. However, it does appear to have antiviral properties that reduce the life of the cold virus within your body. When the virus cannot replicate itself or attach to nasal membranes, the duration and severity of the cold is significantly reduced..

As the world’s leading fiber manufacturer of optical fiber and the industry leader in optical fiber and photonic technologies for long haul networks, Corning is the perfect technology partner for Aerie.”Aerie Networks, founded in August 1999, has assembled the largest ever, pre build, right of way system as the core of its 20,000 mile nationwide broadband network. By installing 432 fiber count cable throughout its planned network, Aerie will operate the highest capacity network 8.9 million fiber miles built by a single company in the United States.Wendell Weeks, Corning’s executive vice president, Opto Electronics, said, “The advanced technology that LEAF fiber provides will enable Aerie to offer the lowest cost bandwidth on the market. This significant supply agreement makes Aerie our largest customer for LEAF fiber, and further supports our stance that there is explosive growth in the worldwide demand for bandwidth to support high data rate applications over advanced communications networks.”Aerie started right of way perfection and development of its national broadband platform in May, will begin laying conduit later this summer, and plans to complete its network build out in 2004.Corning LEAF fiber, an advanced, non zero dispersion shifted optical fiber (NZDSF), offers Aerie greater bandwidth potential, longer optical reach and overall increased system cost efficiency.

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